"What I love most about training with UFG is Jess, my trainer. She's enthusiastic and motivational and trains us in a way that is fun which will keep you coming back for more.

Every session is different from the next, with various activities and exercises including boxing, weight training, cardio, tabata and more.

I enjoy training outdoors with the fresh air in my lungs and breeze on my skin. I mostly enjoy the boxing sessions and circuits that our trainer organises for us.

There are three things that I guarantee - fun, pain and results!

Come and join us today, if you've got what it takes!"

- Julie (Mother of three)


***Money Back Guarantee***

If you are not happy after 1 week of training with us we will refund you the full payment!!

I am committed to providing every individual client support in fitness and an overall healthy lifestyle. I will strive to be the best trainer I can to help you be the best YOU can be! We cater for all levels of fitness from beginner all the way through to advanced. Ultimate Fitness Group is about being part of a positive team that has an overall goal of getting fit and living healthy.
Jessica Ung (head trainer/owner) started Ultimate Fitness Group on the 2nd of September 2013. More than four years ago Jessica joined an outdoor fitness group and never looked back. She knew from that day this was her passion and she was inspired to also become an outdoor group fitness trainer.

Our aim is to help you achieve your fitness goals by creating fun yet challenging training sessions. Our training sessions will vary and include boxing, circuit training, resistance/strength training, interval training and fun games! If you become part of our of fun and friendly team I can guarantee you will not look back!

We are firm believers that you just need to move your body to get fit and healthy. We also believe that everyone can enjoy exercise, whether it is running, boxing or strength training. You just need to find an activity that you enjoy and it will become something you look forward to everyday!

What we offer:

1. Fitness assessments at the start and end of each block
2. Measurements at the end of each block
4. Nutrition advice
3. A free T-shirt or Singlet per block

Benefits of Training with Ultimate Fitness Group

We guarantee that you will experience one or more of the following benefits after just 1 block (6 weeks) of training with us.

1. More toned body
2. Fat loss
3. Weight loss
4. Increased fitness
5. You will feel better in general
6. More energy
7. More confidence

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